Collection: The Best Pumping Bra

  • Truly hands-free: two pockets for your pump, so you don’t need to hold it while moving around
  • Easy breastfeeding: no fiddly clips, just pull down the stretchy fabric
  • Maximum pumping output: our innovative double-layer smart stretch material helps you achieve the maximum of your pumping sessions. Breasts are supported but not compressed.
  • Comfort and support: wide straps remove the pressure from your breasts so they can empty better
  • Convenience: you can wear the bra all day and there is no need to change in and out of clothes and bras when pumping
  • Easy care: best shape and colour is preserved when hand-washing your PowerMama bra, but who’s got the time!? If you are in a rush, just pop it in the washing machine and wash at 30 degrees.
  • Works with all breast pumps: Medela, Spectra, Lansinoh, Elvie & many more
  • Safe for mama and baby - comfortable, soft fabric